An alternative to Sheffield Forum's new classifieds section where people that preferred the old version can post their items.

    Forum Rules and Information...Please Read!


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    Forum Rules and Information...Please Read!

    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:31 pm

    This site was setup at 20:35 on Sunday 22nd February 2009.

    This site is still under construction and as such rules will be added as on an ongoing basis, so please keep checking back to make sure your posts remain within forum rules. This is the first forum I have setup and I am doing it for all the original Sheffield Forum members that wanted to keep the old style 'For Sale' section so please bear with me.

    Here is the current list of items which we have prohibited from being listed:

    • Items prohibited to those under 16 years old (including, but not limited to, 18-rated movies and games, knives, alcohol and tobacco).

    • Fake and replica goods.

    • Tickets for events without also including the original 'face value' of the ticket.

    • Tickets for football matches and/or any other event where resale is prohibited.

    • Modified or 'chipped' consoles or any other device or article which may circumvent or infringe on copyright.

    Please note that this area is for private sellers only - NO TRADERS/COMMERCIAL SELLERS.

    All decisions taken by the moderating team are final. This is area is provided in line with our standard terms of use which you should be aware of before using this area.

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